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Abstract submission has been closed!

Considering the implementation and enforcement of border control measures among nations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the format of the 15th ISSP World Congress will be changed in to Hybrid Meeting which is IN-PERSON speaking for local speakers and presenters while overseas participants can choose onsite or virtual participation.

The purpose of Hybrid Meeting is not only to let overseas delegates who can join the 15th ISSP World Congress conveniently, but also to share scientific research and create an innovative academic exchange platform under the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are presentation formats for Hybrid Meeting of ISSP 2021.

Hybrid Meeting Oral Presentation/Symposium/ Give me Five-5 Slides in 5 Minutes Free Communication Presentation Poster Presentation
Virtual Presenter Pre-recorded presentation Video & Q&A session LIVE Provide a 3-min presentation video
Onsite Presenter Deliver the presentation at Congress Venue in person Present the poster at Congress Venue in person

Please refer to the information of ISSP 2021 Hybrid Meeting Registration Fee below.
*NTD=New Taiwan Dollar (USD1≈NTD29)
**Lowered Fee is only apply for Emerging Countries

ISSP 2021 Onsite Registration Category Early Registration Pre-Registration On-Site
Delegate: ISSP Member NTD 11,600 (≈USD 400) NTD 13,050 (≈USD 450) NTD 14,500 (≈USD 500)
Delegate: ISSP Non-Member NTD 13,340 (≈USD 460) NTD 14,790 (≈USD 510) NTD 16,240 (≈USD 560)
**Lowered Fee: ISSP Member NTD 6,960 (≈USD 240) NTD 8,120 (≈USD 280) NTD 9,280 (≈USD 320)
**Lowered Fee: ISSP Non-Member NTD 8,120 (≈USD 280) NTD 9,280 (≈USD 320) NTD 10,440 (≈USD 360)
Student: ISSP Member NTD 6,380 (≈USD 220) NTD 7,540 (≈USD 260) NTD 8,700 (≈USD 300)
Student: ISSP Non-Member NTD 6,960 (≈USD 240) NTD 8,120 (≈USD 280) NTD 9,280 (≈USD 320)
ISSP 2021 Virtual Registration Category Early Registration Pre-Registration
Delegate: ISSP Member NTD 5,800 (≈USD 200) NTD 6,670 (≈USD 230)
Delegate: ISSP Non-Member NTD 6,670 (≈USD 230) NTD 7,540 (≈USD 260)
**Lowered Fee: ISSP Member NTD 3,480 (≈USD 120) NTD 4,060 (≈USD 140)
**Lowered Fee: ISSP Non-Member NTD 4,060 (≈USD 140) NTD 4,640 (≈USD 160)
Student: ISSP Member NTD 3,190 (≈USD 110) NTD 3,770 (≈USD 130)
Student: ISSP Non-Member NTD 3,480 (≈USD 120) NTD 4,060 (≈USD 140)

The online abstract submission system is now OPEN, please refer to the submission guidelines below.

Abstract submission has been closed!

icon Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: May 3, 2021➜Extended to May 31, 2021(GMT+8)
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance: June 1-4, 2021➜Extended to June 11, 2021 (GMT+8)
  • Registration Deadline for Presenters: July 5, 2021 (GMT+8)

icon Abstract Submission Process

Submit Abstracts Website ONLY
icon icon
Receive Abstracts Submission Confirmation
icon icon
Review & Modification by May 31
icon icon
Receive Acceptance Notice by June 4Extended to June 11

icon Abstract Main Themes & Sub-Themes

  1. Sport Psychology
    1. Participants (e.g., personality, motivation, stress, anxiety)
    2. Environments (e.g., competition and cooperation, feedback, reinforcement, intrinsic motivation)
    3. Group processes (e.g., group and team dynamic, cohesion, leadership, communication)
    4. Performance (e.g., psychological skills training, arousal regulation, imagery, self-confidence, goal setting, concentration, mindfulness)
    5. Health and well-being (e.g., psychological well-being, exercise behavior and adherence, athletic injury and psychology, addictive and unhealthy behaviors, burnout and overtraining)
    6. Psychological growth and development (e.g., children’s development, aggression, sportspersonship)
    7. Classification in the sport psychology section for Diversity and Inclusiveness
    8. Others (please identify)
  2. Exercise Psychology
    1. Exercise and physical activity epidemiology
    2. Exercise behavior theories/models
    3. Psychosocial influence of exercise (e.g., self-perceptions, self-concept, self-esteem, body image)
    4. Psychosocial consequence of exercise (e.g., stress, anxiety, depression, emotional well-being, cognitive function, health-related quality of life)
    5. Others (please identify)
  3. Motor Learning and Control
    1. Human information processing
    2. Attention and performance
    3. Sensory contributions to motor control
    4. Central contributions to motor control
    5. Simple movement
    6. Coordination
    7. Individual differences and capability
    8. Motor learning concepts and research methods
    9. Conditions of practice
    10. Augmented feedback
    11. The learning process
    12. Retention and transfer
    13. Others (please identify)

icon Abstract Submission Guideline

  • Submission Method: Online abstract submission system only
  • Presentation Type: You may choose your preferred method of presentation of your abstract among the following four types:
    • Oral Presentation: 12-minutes presentation with 3-minutes Q&A session for each presentation. All presentations must be created in a Power Point-compatible format. You will get more details later if you have this style of presentation accepted.
    • Poster Presentation: The poster will be displayed in designate time to review and discuss by delegates. The maximum poster size is 90 x 120 cm. Presenters will receive instructions to post their posters prior to their session and will need to present at their poster to interact with attendees for the designated time period.
    • Symposium:
      • General Symposium
      • Partnership Symposium (By Invitation ONLY)
      A 75-minute session presents 4 to 5 abstracts on a single theme from different perspectives on a sub-theme. Symposia are expected to be organized around a theme with a logical connection between speakers and/or a discussant to bring things together. An ideal format is a moderator (brief introduction), three speakers (studies), and/or a discussant (summary of the presentation and provide the future direction). The symposium organizer should be on behalf of other speakers submitting the abstracts to Online Abstract Submission System.
      Updated on May 04, 2021
      The enhanced presentation format, regarding SYMPOSIUM, will permit presenters to develop their oral delivery in the language one chooses, as opposed to an exclusive option of English. The development in format structure to suit our membership is as follows: 
      a) All SYMPOSIUM abstracts must send by English as usual.
      b) Regarding SYMPOSIUM, presentation/text is preferred to use English, but any mother tongue language will be accepted.
      c) Regarding SYMPOSIUM, the final conclusion/or discussant materials should be presented briefly in English.
    • Give me Five-5 Slides in 5 Minutes Free Communication Presentation: This presentation format entails a 5-minute presentation of five slides followed by 2 minutes of questions in a chaired session of short communications.
  • Abstracts must be proofread carefully to avoid errors before the submission. Please note that you can check and revise your submitted abstract on the system before May 31, 2021. Once Online Abstract Submission System closed then any modifications will not be accepted.
  • The same abstract cannot be submitted for consideration in different abstract categories.
  • Abstracts that have previously been published or presented will not be accepted.
  • The on-line submission also indicates the copyright agreement to publish the abstracts for all purposes of the Conference usage without further notice.
  • All accepted abstract will be published in Electric Congress Abstract Book.
  • The Scientific Committee of the ISSP 2021 reserves the right deciding final presentation type of each summitted abstract. While the Scientific Committee cannot guarantee that your preference will be selected, every effort will be made to accommodate your request.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the ISSP 2021 and reviewing results will be informed by emailing a notice to symposium organizers or presenting authors only between June 1-4, 2021Extended to June 11, 2021.
  • All information should be entered in final publication-ready form. The way you submit it is the way it will be shown in the program and the abstract online publication.
  • The Primary Author (first author/presenting author) MUST register ISSP 2021 Congress and present the abstract(s) in person during the Congress to ensure his or her accepted abstract(s) are included in the abstract publication and website. Deadline for the registration is July 5, 2021. Please note that register once only while the presenting author presents multiple abstracts.
  • The applicant must be the first author/presenting author of the submitted abstract; each applicant can submit more than one abstract.

icon Abstract Format

  • Language: ENGLISH only.
  • Words limitation
    • Title - No limitations (First letter of each word should be capitalized except for preposition).
    • Abstract - contents should be 270 to 400 words, containing NO tables, figures, sub-headings or paragraph breaks.
  • The abstract contains introduction, purpose, methods, results, conclusion, and 3-5 keywords. Please note that the content of the abstract should be presented in one paragraph ONLY with no subheading needed.
  • The maximum authors of the abstract are Six.
ISSP 2021 Congress Secretariat

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