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Appreciation Remarks from ISSP 2021 President

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The 15th World Congress of the International Society for Sports Science (ISSP Taipei 2021) ended successfully. The congress was attended by 620 participants from 57 countries for 91 elaborated events with more than 580 presentations. Along with the full virtual congress and review videos released next two months, The ISSP Taipei 2021 has made the milestone of ISSP World Congress. The congress highlight is as following:
There are too many appreciations during the past four-year preparation:
  • ISSP, SSEPT, and scientific committee”
  • Associations from Australian, the Unite States, Canada, Russia, Japan, Europe, Taiwan and Asia, for hosting the partnership symposia.
  • Welcome Remark from Mayor Wen-Je Ko, the financial support by the Taipei City Government, Sport Administration of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Taiwan Normal University and Singular Wings.
  • Volunteers, the working team with “Elite company”, my family:
  • and all of ISSP participants and interests.
We have dedicated our professional efforts to host this World Congress since 2017. We hope that all of you have enjoyed this prestigious event that we have diligently prepared for you. The end of the ISSP Taipei 2021 represents the new beginning of our further interaction. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future. See you in Thessaloniki, Greece 2025.

Yu-Kai Chang, The World Congress President

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國際運動理學會第十五屆世界大會(ISSP Taipei 2021)順利落幕,此次大會共計有來自57個國家,620參與者一同參與,內容包括91場次,超過580報告。本次世界大會首次採用線上形式,再加上會後兩個月的線上影片回放,為國際運動心理學會世界大會的舉辦,立下里程碑。請見大會菁華影片
  • 感謝國際運動心理學會、台灣運動心理學會,科學委員會的支持;
  • 感謝來自澳洲、美國、加拿大、俄羅斯、日本、歐洲、臺灣、亞洲所進行的伙伴專題座談會;
  • 感謝柯文哲市長致詞,教育部體育署、科技部、經濟部、外交部、臺北市、國立臺灣師範大學、奇翼醫電的經費支持。
  • 感謝志願者、工作伙伴、艾力得公司、家人支持;
  • 感謝所有一同與會的好朋友與支持者。
自2017年接手籌辦後,籌備團隊積極投入,期望大家得以享受我們對您們的辛勤籌劃。ISSP Taipei 2021的結束是另一個嶄新交流的開始,期待在世界各地再看到大家,2025年第16屆於希臘主辦的世界大會見!!

張育愷,ISSP Taipei 2021世界大會理事長

ISSP 2021 Congress Secretariat

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